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Mortal Kombat Fight Videos on the way!

On Febuary 28th we will be finally be filming our Mortal Kombat X Fight so that it comes out in time for the games launch. Or should I say fights?! At the very least, we plan to have a new fight between Scorpion and Sub-Zero, Kano versus Kitana, and a fight between Raiden and a currently undecided opponent. We are also working with a friend to bring new costume upgrades in time for these videos! In other news, we're thinking of switching the format of our MK Q&A's to be a video for each character. This would make it much easier for us to stay up to date on questions, as well as answer more of them. What do you guys think of this news? Leave a comment below!


#mortalkombatx #mortalkombat #fight #parody #video #game #flaws #real #life #bizarrelyfunny

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